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Charcoal is finally live on Kindle available in all the usual categories – Kindle purchase, Kindle Lending Library, and Kindle Prime Free Borrow.

I’ve never taken so long to get a story up and running, even after the final edit.  This is my first ghost story and thinking back to all the great horror stories I read in my younger days I fretted over Charcoal holding its own. Maybe I was afraid the ghosts would track me down just for publishing it.

Now I’m wracking my brain for other paranormal stories to write because this one was great fun. I just need to come up with a couple ideas that haven’t been done to death. (In a ghostly sort of way.)

In The Scent of Pine in Moonlight the character Janine describes her husband, Carson, as her charcoal ghost.

Charcoal ghost stuck in my mind and when Scent of Pine was finished I started rummaging around in my head for ghost story plots. This blended in with a tongue-in-cheek story I had fleshed out probably a year ago about a ghost who gets in trouble with the ghost guild (or something) because his intended victim is way too sexy to haunt. He’d rather date her. I think his name was Gary the Ghost so you get an idea how frivolous the story was.

Shades of charcoal stuck in my mind (not to be confused with 50 shades of mommy porn) and Gary the Ghost went away. I kept the non-traditional haunting and tried to color the story with, well, with charcoal. Keeping everything murky and unclear. Nothing specific, yet nothing truly hiding. I tried to use charcoal for everything. The setting, the house, the grounds, the emotions of the characters, their baggage. Everything, except the finale at Burke Manor. And even that ended clouded in gray.

I used that theme for the cover as well. The first proto cover was an angry raven, but I eventually went with the murky shadow because it fits more points of the story.

I didn’t use lots of blood and guts. I don’t remember lots of gore in the thrillers from my youth, so why should I use it? (Okay, there’s a little blood in the ending of Hippies and some blood on the cover. But that’s more of a zombie story so it doesn’t count. Honest. It doesn’t count.)

This is also the first cover that doesn’t use Baskerville Old Face for the author’s name. There’s lots of talk on the indie writer boards about branding an image for novels. Same fonts, same layout. Stuff like that.  

I just decided to let Charcoal stand alone with the title in DK Oyukis Ghost and author’s name in Wolves, Lower. Sorry, but those fonts won't show up in this post. You'll just have to peruse the cover of Charcoal.

SoGet your free copy of Charcoal for Kindle and don’t forget to tell everyone else on the planet to get a copy, too. (After it’s back to regular price, of course.)

-         Chester



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