Finally. The Scent of Pine in Moonlight is available on Amazon. Free for Kindle for the next three days.
 (7-23-203 trough 7-25-2013)

Janine can’t figure out if her husband, Carson, is an apparition from the fog of alcohol, simply a hallucination born from a life of crushing stress, or a real ghost.

And she’s afraid of what she wants him to be. 
This is another story from my Toma Lee pen name and I’m labeling it a romance for beta tag reasons in spite of the story’s possibly supernatural component. I don’t want to toss out any spoilers but I suppose the blurb gives away one plot point: Carson dies somewhere in the story.

By the way, The Scent of Pine in Moonlight started the entire process for the “real” ghost story  I’m working on. The scary kind.

While Janine struggles to determine the truth of her conversations with her husband I tried to create a world where readers hoped
Carson’s ghost was real.

That would be the stronger love story.

 - Chester



The moon light is very much piercing light for the eyes and it is spreaded all over the world. It is apealing for the humans and their sights. The entire world is getting bloomed with light and its tremendous rays.


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