Adventures in Self-Publishing
Wrote A Stir of Pique.
Sent in for line edit.
Small revise to editorial suggestion.
Formatted content for publication.
Designed and built cover.
Wrote blurbs.
Built bibliography.
Loaded into Kindle Direct Publishing.
Activated the previewer to check formatting.
Looked good.
Clicked “Save and Publish”.
Book went live about eight hours later. (Faster than normal.)
Checked everything on the Amazon listing page.
Clicked “Look Inside”.
Contents page messed up. (My fault, damn.)
Made corrections to master file.
E-mailed KDP.
"Can I set the free promo while book is reconverting?"
"No, wait until it resets."
Book goes “live” for the second time.
Contents page looks okay.
Set free promo for July 4, 5, and 6. (Starts at 12:01 AM on the fourth.)
Go back to A Stir of Pique Amazon listing page for paranoid recheck.
Cover looks awkward.
Hey, cover’s not in 6 X 9 ratio. Looks fat and short.
Open cover jpeg and crop to proper ratio.
Now topography is screwed up. (Am I an idiot?)
Open Microsoft Publisher.
Redo entire cover.
Save as MS Publisher file and jpeg file.
Reload cover into KDP.
Click “Save and Publish”.
Now I have a free promo scheduled while book goes through conversion again.
Don’t know if that’s going to work.
Oh yeah. Had trouble building links on the master file for table of contents and bibliography.
Can’t check functionality of links until book goes live again and I load into my Kindle Fire.

This self-publishing crap is the coolest job I’ve ever  had.
  - Chester 



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