Hippies, the latest publication from my D. C. Chester pen name, is active on Amazon and will be available as a FREE Kindle download from 4-11-2013 through 4-13-2013.

From the eBook story description:

Two worlds collide as the sinister side of society invades a daydream of peace and love.

Jerry, Daisy, Pete, and Lucy, aging hippies from a wistful past, become ensnared by the violence and evil of a neighborhood in decay.

Maybe they never truly accepted the Age of Aquarius but they certainly wanted to cherish the memories of the age of Woodstock.

But Woodstock was a lot less then it always pretended to be. Plagued by random acts of unbelievable stupidity, drug overdoses, and scattered violence.

Now DaMar, Esto, and Damon will introduce the hipsters to a new age of degradation. As if the aging flower children have been
living in a bubble all through the years.

It’s time for those hidden agendas to come home to roost…with love and pieces.

  - Chester


03/28/2016 8:42am

Hippies are very delicious and worth drinking substance. It is very much admired and appreciated by the entire community of the Europe. It is widely present and secured with the taste of the individuals living over there.

12/14/2016 5:41am


02/01/2017 10:44am

it was a great society but they wallow in sin and procrastination.

03/08/2017 11:03pm

I don't like the hipster culture at all. They are too strange)

05/09/2017 4:56am

I think all cultures have good things and not very. I don't like very addicted people. If it's not sport, of course.

05/19/2017 2:53am

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