False Bravado

I just launched a ‘free’ promotion for “False Bravado”, a short story eBook from my D. C. Chester pen name. As usual the free part is only on Amazon. The promo starts at one minute after midnight on Friday, April 5th, and lasts five days. Then it returns to its
stratospheric price of $2.99.

$2.99!? I guess I’m just a subscriber to the Gordon Gekko admonition,
“Greed is good.”

“False Bravado” is about a young man’s desire to meet a young woman…in a bar.
Or maybe it’s about a young woman’s desire to meet a young man…in a bar.

Either way, it doesn’t matter, because there’s something bubbling under the surface, here. (That’s a clever hint at the plot.)

Some people might think the story resembles a true tale from a time before Toma and I were married. But, without the dry ice. I won’t waste my time with a counter argument on that, but I will say this; that bar in the story seems suspiciously familiar to a place from my youth.

“False Bravado” comes complete with a bonus story titled “Everything We Wanted”. The bonus story is under my Danny Essex pen name and it’s more, well, I don’t want to offer any spoilers, but Danny Essex doesn’t write romance.

Some people might say this story also smacks of a reality lived by Toma and I. With an ending from a different dimension, of course. Who am I to argue?

So maybe I don’t really sit at a laptop and make stuff up. Maybe I just dust off old memories, pound them into gargoyles, and put them on display for everyone to see. Up on the roof gables of a deserted mansion.

Grab a copy of "False Bravado" for your Kindle or PC Kindle app. 
And, as usual, tell everyone you know in the world about this great new story you just got.

And then pull out a gun and force them to get it, too.

Oh, yeah. Don’t you just love that cover?

- Chester


04/08/2013 5:51pm

Your blog is as good as your stories!! Love reading it!!

11/29/2015 12:56am

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04/08/2017 7:00am

What cover do you mean? Show me it, please!

05/15/2017 7:43pm

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