“Hostages” my recent story from 1008 Productions caused considerable ranting by family members (Mom). The turmoil
has prompted me to design and attach rating classifications to my future publications.

This system, similar to the MPAA, will alert potential readers (Mom) to stories that contain unsavory elements.

The ratings are as follows:

NM – No Mom Readers. Lots of bad language.

NP – No Prude Readers. Lots of sex, drugs and rock and roll.

NS – No Sissy Readers. Lots of stabbings, shootings and graphic zombie attacks.

NV – No Victorian Readers. Lots of male, chauvinist, sexist bullshit.

BR – Boring Readers Only – Lots of pasteurized, stale white bread, bland crap.

There you have it. A system designed to protect the sensibilities of…moms, prudes, sissies, bores, and cat ladies. (I threw in cat ladies just in case.)

Or maybe I should post a warning that almost everything I write contains lots of bad language, sex, drugs, rock and roll, stabbings, shootings, graphic zombie attacks, and male, chauvinist, sexist bullshit.
You know. Like everyday life.

Okay, while I’m not sure that zombie attacks are part of everyday life, I’m sure if they were, they’d be graphic.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to get back to work on my next novel titled, “Slut”.

Because my wife told me to write it.

- Chester



03/22/2013 9:21am

LOL on the ratings thing!!

11/29/2015 2:52am

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06/15/2016 2:39am

Well played!

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02/01/2017 10:46am

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