I'm fooling around with the web site builder provided by my web hosting service.
And I'm changing things on the fly.

Not sure, yet, if this first page should be story listings or blog entries or whatever.

I did figure out how to copy and paste into these pages from MS
Word so typos should be reduced. (I can type about 50 mistakes a

Also, the current stories page only has cover images linked to their respective Amazon pages. No story descriptions from me on my own web site. I'll probably change that when I have time and when that happens the stories page format will probably have to

The biggest problem...I'm having a blast screwing around with these pages Instead of writing. That's not good.

One more thing. I'm curious how often I should post blog entries. Once a week. Twice. Monthly. I'd appreciate if all four of my reader would chime in.

Send me an e-mail using the handy-dandy contact tab above and vote for your favorite timeline for blog entries.
(Votes for "zero" will be deleted with extreme prejudice.)

That's it for today. Time to get back to work on the next novel. (Right after I decide on the Stories page format.)

- Chester


11/18/2015 10:35pm

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